Are you a larger lady and into the finer things in life?

Are you a larger lady and into the finer things in life?


  • Fashion has tried to sell the public the size zero girl look for years, times have now changed.
  • Over 60% of teenage girls in the UK are over-weight.

In fact we are the biggest nation in Europe

They also want to wear sexy clothing. Plus size fashion is bombing, with a surge in new iconic big models like Tess Holliday. These young girls want clothes that fit. One of the original plus size brands Evans is trying to reinvent themselves as a on trend current brand.

It was previously feared in the big girls world that if you were too big now you will have to shop in Evans. The outmoded image that is outdated has been hard work shedding, their old image as a out size brand and reinvent themselves as a fashion brand. The boom in plus size fashion popularity in the media is down to plus size bloggers who are very influential on their viewers. The brands have even cottoned on to the marketing advantage of using a blogger to promote their brand. The bloggers are now considered equally as important as fashion editor.

plus-size-girls-clothing-2413Young and old bigger girls need to relate

They are big commodities to plus size brands as they have something that the younger girls of larger sizes can relate too .if one of these bloggers is wearing something and saying it is a must have to their thousands of followers the shops listen and will make sure they are stocking those items. yours is also another brand that are trying to become a serious heavy weight in the plus size market.

  • The normal larger lady rule book is being torn apart, with old conventions on the way out.
  • Prints are back and not deemed as old and ‘fuddy-duddy,’ horizontal and vertical stripes and being worn whatever the size.
  • These young girls want to buy the same styles they can get from Topshop and other clothing manufacturers that most times are ill-fitted, leaving most frustrated that nothing fits correctly. There is a gap in the market and brands catering to this increase in demand have appeared and are now stocked with big brand sites like Asos.
  • The average model in the plus size world is a 14 to 16 and these girls do not relate to these models, as often they appear much smaller and just look like a curvier model.

Now the model agencies are even turning to bloggers. They will often look for the girl that is getting the most following and hype on social media. Georgina known for her blog fuller figure fuller bust has grown a massive following and has been approached by milk model agencies.

Even though they liked her and were happy with her size they still needed taller models. So even though the conventions are being broken it is still very ridged.

Taking shape is a Australian brand who is a smaller player in he plus size market. They tried a publicity stunt of bird watching. They basically picked out skinny girls outside a fashion week show in London and shamed them for being slim. This received a lot of negativity in the press. Plus size is certainly a growing market and will continue to grow as there is a lot higher demand for trendy clothes for the larger sizes.


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