Kate moss on why she no-longer does fashion shows, and it’s not the money!

Kate moss on why she no-longer does fashion shows, and it’s not the money!

Kate Moss, arguably one of the most famous and iconic models this generation has seen, has spoken recently about why she no longer attends fashion shows. Kate, who is worth a reported £50 million is certainly not short of a few quid, so has she been forced out or is ‘The Moss’ realised her financial position no-longer requires her to strut her stuff for cash?


The original supermodel, Kate has graced the covers of Vogue, Elle and just about every other fashion magazine in the world at some point or other. Of course Ms Moss’s career hasn’t been without controversy, but her notoriety and almost cult status has always been born from a hugely successful career both as a commercial model and a catwalk model.

What made her different

A world away from other supermodels, preoccupied with health and clean-food diets, Ms Moss was known, and perhaps is still known, for her hedonistic lifestyle. Part of the original Primrose Hill set, Ms Moss has recently preferred to spend her days at the countryside retreat where she has a £2 million cottage.

Moss’s approach of indulging in the ‘finer things’ in life doesn’t extend to food however. She was famously quoted as saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

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Kate Moss in her fashion modelling heyday
Kate Moss in her fashion modelling heyday

Why she is staying away from fashion shows

In an interview given recently to the globe and mail she praised the era in which she was arguably the catwalk queen of the runway and remarked that nowadays it just wasn’t the same. She was quoted as saying that she still loves doing fashion shoots and campaigns, however, isn’t infused by the shows any-more.

Yeah, I still have fun when I do shoots. I don’t do fashion shows, obviously, because the last time I went to a fashion show, I asked for a glass of Champagne and they didn’t have any! The nerve! It’s just a completely different world now; the girls get up and go swimming at six in the morning.

The world of clean living that she is referring to is a new era of fashion model that likes to live and drink as clean as they look. Her absence from fashion shows cannot surely be down to the lack of champagne!

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Moss has accumulated a fortune of well over £50 million, so won’t be needing an online loan for this weekends shenanigans, this fortune is wholly credited to her modelling career and she is not known to have many outside business interests other than her brand endorsements and current campaigns.

Miss Moss did however experience a time in her career whereby she lost a fair amount of money, in terms of lost contracts, this was because of publicity she received when she was exposed as a cocaine user. Along with her relationship with Pete Doherty, it was a period of time that I am sure she would rather forget.

The Croydon born supermodel did however weather that storm and has remained as contemporary and relevant as she was 20 years ago. So do not worry Moss fans you will not be seeing ‘the Original’ doing a Kerry Katona and appearing in ads for short term loan lenders.

On the town with Moss

Moss did add that she was well-known within her social circle for influencing others into joining her late night shenanigans. Speaking on her inherent ability to keep her friends up past their bedtime she said that a new word had even been spurned from her partying ways and ability to influence others.

Getting mossed?

Getting ‘mossed’ refers to having so much fun with the supermodel that you do not want to leave and so stay partying all-night. Very crafty indeed, how do I sign-up for a good mossing?


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