The Kenyans are coming

By Angela Ndambuki

The UK, a growing market helped a handful of Kenyan artistes stake their name with International performance. In the recent past we have hosted Giddi Giddi- Maji Maji, Nameless, Redsan, Wahu, Prezzo, the former group Sema, Nonini among others. 2016 will see yet another half dozen artiste’s grace the UK.

The question is who?

Having spoken to inside sources, I have come with a list of near certain artistes that you will definitely see in the UK at some point this year. Before I roll on my list I must insist that there are the ‘big three’ namely Nameless, Redsan and Gidi-Gidi whom I will not mention other than the later because they will most likely be called on to beef up at some point.

Mr. Lenny
They call him the King of Collaborations in Kenya. Lenson is without doubt one of the most ‘good looking’ Kenyan artistes in the business. His voice is one of the best for a male artiste in Kenya. Smooth talking and very humble, Lenny has an outstanding ability of collaborating with anybody on the International music scene. Despite being Nameless left hand man and having toured America and the rest of Europe with ‘Mr. Kamonsky,’ he has never visited the UK. I am sure the thousands of Kenyans who support Mr. Lenny will have a chance to see him grace
the UK very soon.

Remember the songs ‘Furahia’, ‘Tuendele ama tusiendele’ and the biggest song of
2005 ‘Swing Swing?’ The threesome trio of Roba, Collo and Nyash were by far my best Kenyan trio in the past year. Come on, how many Kenyan artistes have been nominated for a category at the prestigious MTV Europe Awards? They made headlines last year for their run-ins with the now ‘dead’ Pulse Magazine and of course their bitter rivalry with Bamboo which in my opinion they won 100-1. It might be tricky to have all the three come to the UK interms of cost but I can bet you that Klepto will be swinging in the UK this year.

Giddi-Giddi Maji-Maji
Whenever these two Luo boys from somewhere near Okok Primary School somewhere on top of a Hill in rural Luo land disappear from the scene for a while, they comeback with something heavy. The only Kenyan artistes with a recording deal with an International firm, they are currently having coffee somewhere near Pretoria as they record their new album. While Maji Maji has been busy concentrating on settling with the woman he recently married, Joseph Ogidi, who always wears a face of cluelessness, has not been up to much but believe me somewhere near Okok Primary School, some serious lyrics are being written and I am sure they will be singing to all the ‘Atoti’s’ in the UK this year. I can bet on it.

Nyambane (Reddykulass) and Crew
I am yet to meet anyone as annoyingly stupid as Walter Mongare the star of the ‘Kisii Night’ at Carnivore or more precisely the celebrity whose song ‘My Sweetie Banana’ is enjoying huge airplay all over the world especially in Japan and China. A seasoned musician, stunt-man, comedian, radio presenter and farmer have been making headlines with his band. I do not know how and when but I can tell you no for sure that due to Public demand Walter Mongare a.k.a Nyambane will be in the UK in 2006. Watch this space. When he does come, I hope he brings along the only Kenyan World Champion Boxer, Conjestina Achieng. Oh, I cannot wait.

Another Kenyan artiste who I have so much time for. Despite having been to the UK twice before, I still feel that Nonini has never been given the right platform to show Kenyans why I rank him in the same category as Tupac Shakur. For me Nonini is a great poet, the best Lyricist in Kenya at the moment. His song ‘marehemu’ drove me to tears and yet his song with Ratatat ‘Watu’ was
simply too funny. I am not sure when but I know we will see Nonini in the UK in 2006. In fact, I could pay for his flight given a chance. When he does come, I hope he gets a stage worthy of his name and Kenyans will bow down.

I cannot remember what the story was last year that saw his show cancelled. The saying was that he does not poses a passport while other said he had urgent matters to attend to. Whatever the case was, I am almost sure some promoter will pull strings for him to grace the UK this year. Very controversial for his unsure ness with whether he is saved or not, I know he has some good songs but I am not sure what his stage performance will produce. I will just wait and see.

Sheila Mwanyigha a.k.a is the only female artiste I am having in my list simply because I am very sure that she will be in the UK before any of the artistes I have mentioned above. Hint! Hint! Everybody. Where do I start with this beautiful Lady? We will all remember the fracas about her breaking an engagement to go out with Prezzo. Whether true or false, I think Nikki is a great vocalist and a very seasoned R&B musician and she will be in the UK pretty soon to prove to those who will attend.

Other than the above, I have a feeling that we might also see Vinny Banton, Mr. Googs, Deux Valtures and one person I really would love to see i.e. Habib who is the brother of the late E-Sir. I cannot assure you on the three groups but I am sure 2006! Will be another great year.

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